Vendor - Dr. Colin Richman

Dr. Richman Personal Cell: (404) 784-7272
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We thank our Vendors for their educational grants that make our world class programming possible.


Affinity Business Bank-Liz Galaska (678-471-8341)

American Express-Jen Griffin (404-304-4692)

Brasseler-Matt Miller (912-656-2233)

CareStream-Alan Ratcliff (770-226-3460)

Colgate-Sheri Fluent (404-274-4962)

Geistlich BioMaterials-Chris Turner (678-595-1380)

Lending Club-Kristy Brock (404-977-8156)

New Image Labs-Jeff Paulen (404-558-1734)

Nobel Biocare-Wayne Thelen (770-314-7328)

Procter & Gamble-Steve Fortmann (770-633-0796)

Schein-Ashley Wickstead (404-271-4309)

Solution Reach – Joni Burkhart (770-656-1774)

Specialty Appliance-Arlen Hurt (770-842-2374)

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Contact Dr. Richman at 404/784-7272 or for more information on his various courses or to register for a course.