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Understanding Ridge Augmentation

October 15, 2013

By: Dr. Colin Richman

Restoring or repairing the gum tissue and jawbone can help you to return to a more natural feeling and appearance when you have missing teeth. Quite often, because an indentation is likely to occur at the site of one or more missing teeth, your periodontist may recommend this procedure as a form of reconstructive surgery.

Whenever a tooth is missing due to an accident, a congenital condition, an infection, or gum disease, the natural contours of the hard and soft tissue will begin to deteriorate. Even when the missing tooth has been replaced with a denture or a bridge, the underlying tissues will undergo anatomic changes that can impact your appearance as well as your oral hygiene. What many patients will experience is an uneven gumline, a deep indentation in the bone, and a change in the way that the prosthetic teeth look and/or feel.

With the exception of the dental implant (the only replacement appliance that can stimulate the bone and prevent this natural deterioration) all replacement teeth are subject to this fate. Without the stimulation from a tooth root (real or false), the jawbone will recede in localized areas and the impact can be seen as well as felt.

Fortunately, by surgically augmenting the indented area with additional bone, it is possible to balance the gumline and restore the proper contours of your smile. It’s a cosmetic procedure that also provides some health benefits as well. Filling in a gap or void in the bone can improve the fit of a denture, a move that also makes eating more pleasurable and enhances your smile. This procedure can eliminate the space that may develop between the bottom of your dental bridge and your gums to reduce the risk of food impaction.

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