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Research: Replace missing teeth with dental implants

January 10, 2012

By: Dr. Colin Richman

It would appear that tooth loss is becoming less frequent as dental technology and access to healthcare continue to improve. Unfortunately, the fact remains that complete tooth loss still affects a high percentage of adults, and the risk for tooth loss increases with age.

The encouraging news is that the solutions for tooth replacement have kept a steady pace with the advances in technology. Whereas previous generations were made to accept poorly fitting dentures, today’s edentulous patients have fantastic alternatives. The success of dental implants has truly revolutionized the denture experience for millions of patients.

Your implant dentist is specially trained to use a series of titanium dental implants to produce a stable foundation for your denture. With only a minimum number of implants, you can enjoy a brand-new smile that stays in place without the use of denture glues or pastes.

Even vigorous chewing and biting is no match for an implant-retained denture. As the implants are directly anchored to the jaw bone, the denture will not move, shift, or click during the day or night.

Unplanned meals, special events, and intimate social encounters will no longer be hindered by traditional “false teeth”. Denture patients are realizing that they have a right to a healthy diet, a confident smile, and comfortable dental appliances. Turning to dental implants has made that desire a reality.

For most denture patients, transitioning to dental implants can be a smooth process. Your implant dentist may be able to adjust your existing denture to connect to your dental implants. If you desire a new, customized set of teeth, new dentures can be fabricated according to your needs.

Your new teeth should reflect the real you. Your smile, your confidence in speaking, your satisfaction in eating, and your nutritional standards do not have to be compromised. Join the new generation of denture wearers who are realizing the advantages of dental implants.

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