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Previous Distinguished Speakers

Gerry Chiche DDS

Harold Baumgarden DDS

Robert Stutman

David Schwab PhD

Pinhas Adar MDT

Laney Kay JDT

Danny Melker DDS

Anita Tate DDS

Susan Muller DDS

David Garber DDS

David Meinz PhD

Andreas Siebold DDS

Mark Moskowitz DDS

Brian Shroeder DDS

Bruce Mancion PhD

Ariel Raigrodski DDS

Glen Krieger DDS

HP Weber DDS

Steve Buchanan DDS

Estelle Zandstra DDS

Susan Boswell

Sandy Roth PhD

Henry Nichols DDS

John Cranham DDS

Tom Abrahamson DDS

John Burgess PhD, DDS

Michael Razoog DDS

Leon Hermanides CDT

William Strupp DDS

Durwood Fisher-Mr. Doubletalk

Aldo Leopardi DDS

William Robbins DDS

Colin Richman DMD

Kate Willeford CPA

Anita Daniels RDH

Bruce Christopher PhD

Dalton Keith DDS

Stephen and Justin Parente DDS

James Shorr DDS

Amanda Gore BA

Stacy McCauley RDH

Jill Hutchinson RDH

Larry Lindke CDT

James Gray DDS

Jeff Rouse DDS

John Droter DDS

Laura Braswell DMD

Neil Starr DDS

Vincent Perciaccante DDS

Dan Hinkle

Dolly Gaines CDA

Stuart Oberman JD

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Contact Dr. Richman at 404/784-7272 or for more information on his various courses or to register for a course.