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Periodontal (Gum) Surgery: Is Sedation an Option?

May 17, 2012

For many patients, the dental office is a place they fear and dread. Consequently putting off needed dental care usually results in the further deterioration of your teeth and overall dental health. With the introduction of sedation dentistry, there is an option that diminishes the fear and apprehension of seeing your dental provider.

There are different types of sedation based on the treatment needed. For oral surgery to remove third molars, your dentist might select general anesthesia. But for treatment of periodontal (gum) disease, conscious sedation or oral sedation is very adequate.

Patients that have a general fear of seeing the dentist can benefit greatly from oral sedation. Taking medication at home before arriving for a dental appointment is the first step. After being seated for dental treatment, the periodontist will administer additional medication that will totally relax the patient before treatment is started. The dentist and assistant monitor the patient throughout treatment to guarantee their absolute safety.

Although the patient remains conscious throughout treatment, many report that they feel like they slept through the procedure and do not have much recollection of it. Patients who do select sedation dentistry will require transportation to and from their appointment, and will need someone to stay with them for a few hours upon their return from their dental appointment.

Other advantages with sedation dentistry include:

Patients who struggle to sit for extended periods of time do not experience back discomfort.
The periodontist can work more efficiently knowing that the patient is totally relaxed.
Undue stress for both patient and dentist is eliminated. Longer procedures become more manageable.
Patients no longer have to experience uncomfortable needle injections in sensitive gum tissue.

Many patients undergo periodontal (gum) surgery with no more than numbing the gum tissue. But if you are one of the many thousands of patients who experience heightened anxiety at the mere thought of seeing your dental provider, sedation dentistry can work for you.

To learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry, contact our office serving Roswell at 770-442-1010.

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