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What is the Seattle Study Club?
The Seattle Study club is an “overnight success” that took Dr. Michael Cohen 15 years to develop and perfect on a model he created and continues to use in his own practice, in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Study Club Organization consists of over 200 active and energetic specialists across the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, all with their own affiliated study clubs.
These doctors and members of their individual clubs are dedicated to the advancement of “team treatment planning” and “total case management”, as the ultimate tool for achieving ideal comprehensive care. They have also committed themselves to excellence in their profession, and in the management of their practices, and these practitioners and their practices constitute the Seattle Study Club network.


Goals and Objectives of a SSC:
  • Elevate Members Treatment Planning skills
  • Elevate the quality of dentistry practiced in their community, as members develop greater knowledge and confidence in treatment planning complex cases.
  • Enable members to undertake more complex rehabilitation cases, and thus choose ideal treatment plans for their patients.
  • Substantially increase the Dental Implant component of our members’ practices.
  • Build strong and loyal camaraderie amongst members, as a result of the educational and social interaction.
  • Strengthen the “Team Approach” to comprehensive and total patient care.
  • Provide a fun and relaxed forum for improving diagnosis and treatment planning skills, while challenging our members to expand and enhance their clinical endeavors.
  • Enhance professional satisfaction for our members.
  • Continue to support Dental Hygiene scholarships at Perimeter College.
  • Provide a resource for state-of-the-art didactic, administrative, behavioral and clinical sessions, for all members of our dental staff and dental teams,
  • Familiarize participants not only with what is possible but also with future thought and innovation in Dentistry,
  • Establish a resource center so that Dentists and Dental Specialists feel comfortable:
    a. Calling on the Director for advice
    b. Calling on the Advisory Board for help with cases
    c. Most importantly, calling on each other for advice by creating a dynamic forum where members can learn with and from their peers
    d. Generate an interest in learning by treatment planning other dentists’ cases and following up and critiquing those cases throughout treatment.
    e. Improve the specialist’s practice by increasing professional relationships and communication,
    f. Accredited Continuing Education programming for all members of the dental team,
    g. All programs are approved for AGD as well as State of Georgia CE credits.
    h. Improve the general practitioner’s practice by increasing the number and complexity of cases restored,
What are the Benefits of the Seattle Study Club?
Why is the Seattle Study Club Unique?
The Seattle Study Club is recognized as one of the most advanced and exciting dental continuing education groups today. In fact, many doctors regard it as the true “university without walls.” This is based on the construction of a successful bridge between didactic and clinical programming. Building on the traditional study club model, original and more powerful programming has been added to maximize member interest. These include, but are not limited to, clinical treatment planning sessions, problem-solving workshops, hands-on demonstrations and panel discussions, which will engage and challenge the doctors of our group, all in a safe, non-threatening educational environment.
As a Seattle Study Club member, we will have access to some of the finest speakers in the world, (e.g. Kois, Tarnow, Spear, Chiche, etc).
The Seattle Study Club Organization is an international network of approximately 190 study clubs,
devoted to total case management, through Comprehensive Treatment Planning. Each affiliated club is independently administered, using the vast resources of the parent organization.Comprehensive Treatment Planning is achieved, utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to total case management. It requires the clinician to integrate all aspects of dentistry (periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, oral medicine, reconstruction and restoration) into a meaningful, step-by-step plan for the patient’s total dental care. This has never been more important than with the incorporation of implant dentistry into the total treatment scheme.
Our Study Club, The Seattle Study Club of Atlanta, is the ideal forum for discussing, debating and implementing these treatment issues. Because of the unique, non-threatening environment of the Study Club, clinicians become comfortable sharing both their knowledge and their lack of knowledge with their peers. In fact, it is the clinicians in our community who are not predictably treating complex cases comprehensively, who have the most to gain from our group.
There is an annual tuition of $1,800.00, and these monies are used for programming, payment of speaker honoraria, catering, our social program, and maintaining our resource library. If excess funds are available at the end of the year, our group makes a contribution to the “Seattle Study Club of Atlanta Dental Hygiene Scholarship Fund”, at Dekalb Perimeter College, as well as a contribution to the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry, New Building Fund.

Membership in our study club will entitle you to:

Attend all sessions listed on the attached program, including the Annual Seattle Study Club Symposium (separate fee);
A quarterly copy of the Seattle Study Club Journal, the only journal (in the world) devoted exclusively to comprehensive treatment planning;
Access to the Seattle Study Club Network website, a wealth of information. Please visit

I hope you will join us, and please call me at (404) 784-7272 if you need any additional information.



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Signs and Symptoms of Advanced Dental Disease Including Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Chronic disease anywhere in the body is insidious, thus advanced symptoms may only appear late after significant damage has occurred.

Warning signs of periodontal (gum) disease include:

- Redness, tenderness, pain, swollen gums
- Bleeding while brushing, flossing or biting into an apple
- Insufficient long term flossing over a lifetime
- Receding gums, frequently described ‘getting long in the tooth’
- Teeth moving or shifting
- Loose teeth
- Appliances no longer fit comfortably
- Previous history of tooth loss including parents
- History of smoking, diabetes or other metabolic diseases