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Laser Periodontics: How long is the treatment process?

January 14, 2014

Many adults who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease are finding that it is possible to return to a state of health with the help of a laser periodontist. With the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), gum disease can be addressed in a manner that is comfortable, effective, and also much faster than the conventional methods.

In fact, the treatment for periodontal disease has changed completely with the introduction of LANAP. Patients who were once required to undergo as many as four dental appointments for a deep cleaning under local anesthesia, plus up to four additional appointments for the surgical removal of diseased gum tissue, may now have their periodontal treatment completed in just two dental visits. Additional visits are needed to monitor healing and to remove any plaque or calculus (tartar) that may build up.

This rapid fire treatment approach can essentially wipe out the detrimental plaque bacteria, improving not only oral health, but reducing inflammation throughout the body. This can be especially helpful in medically compromised patients who may need all dental infections removed from their mouths before obtaining dental clearance for needed medical treatment. This may be important for people about to undergo knee or hip replacement, chemotherapy, or in cancer patients in need of high dose bisphosphonate treatment to improve bone density. Many people know that they have periodontal disease and that it can affect their health, but are afraid to embark on a long and difficult treatment. LANAP can be an ideal solution.

A previously lengthy and invasive periodontal procedure has been reduced to a less invasive and less time-consuming procedure that can still deliver the predictable and high quality results that are necessary to restore your oral health. It is also exciting to note that, not only is the actual treatment time significantly reduced, but the recovery time is also much faster and easier.

LANAP is accomplished via a super-thin fiber that can extend into the pockets beneath the gumline to sterilize and heal diseased tissues without the use of traditional scalpels and sutures. As the pockets are being treated, the laser instantly seals the nerve endings and blood vessels to prompt an almost immediate recovery. Bleeding is significantly minimized, and only local anesthetics are necessary for managing any discomfort.

The ease and efficiency of the LANAP procedure makes it simple for periodontal patients to incorporate two dental visits into their hectic schedules with the knowledge that the procedure won’t prevent them from addressing their other daily responsibilities. After the procedure, most patients are able to move forward with the rest of their day.

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