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Laser Periodontal Surgery: Success with Comfort

November 16, 2012

Although research on LANAP, an FDA approved laser treatment for gum disease, is ongoing, recently published studies indicate that the reattachment or regeneration of the gum tissue is just as effective with LANAP as with traditional gum surgery. Furthermore, in patients followed for an average of 8 years after treatment, LANAP achieved similar results in preventing tooth loss as in previous studies on standard periodontal surgery.1

Periodontitis is an advanced stage of gum disease that can have serious consequences for a patient’s oral health. As bacteria continue to attack the gums, pockets will develop, allowing those bacteria to collect and multiply and do more damage. When gum disease is untreated, it may ultimately result in the loss of teeth and supporting jawbone.

As such, periodontitis should be addressed promptly. One intervention for periodontitis involves a surgery that excises the diseased tissue and reduces the depth of the pockets in the gum.

In the past, this procedure entailed more invasive surgery using scalpels and sutures. Now, an improved technique called laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) is available to patients.

With LANAP, a laser periodontist uses lasers to kill the bacteria and remove the infected tissue, then removes any remaining tartar from the root using narrow-tipped ultrasonic instruments.

Because LANAP is minimally invasive, it requires only a local anesthetic. Additionally, LANAP takes less time than traditional gum surgery, and patients heal more quickly, reducing the disruption to their daily routines.

A laser periodontist can perform this procedure for a more comfortable patient experience than that with traditional surgical methods.

LANAP consistently produces results of the same quality as conventional periodontal surgery, so patients don’t have to worry that they have to settle for a less successful treatment in the name of better comfort.

If you choose LANAP, you should also work with your periodontist to develop a home maintenance plan that will reduce your chances of a recurrence of periodontitis.

Have you been diagnosed with periodontitis but are reluctant to pursue a surgical treatment? Consult the Roswell practice of Dr. Colin Richman to determine whether LANAP is appropriate for your situation.

1 Tilt, Lloyd V. Effectiveness of LANAP over time as measured by tooth loss. Gen Dent. 2012 Mar-Apr;60(2):143-6.

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