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Gum Disease: Not a Normal Part of Aging

June 16, 2014

By: Dr. Colin Richman

While gum disease treatment AtlantaWhile gum disease is very common among patients, it is not a normal part of the aging process. Instead, advanced gum disease is a chronic infection of the gum tissue. When gum disease is detected early, patients normally enjoy a good prognosis if they adjust their oral hygiene habits and visit their dentist or periodontist for professional prophylaxis. Depending on the severity of infection, gum disease treatment varies from patient to patient.

An Overview of Gum Disease

Gum disease begins with irritation caused by plaque and tartar buildup. Once the gum tissue becomes irritated and ultimately inflamed, the gums will become infected. As the infection spreads and tartar builds up along the gum line, the gums will then begin to recess (or pull away from teeth). Left untreated, the condition will worsen over time and periodontal pockets will form. Lacking support from the gums, teeth will eventually become loose and may even fall out. Untreated and advanced gum disease can have devastating effects on your oral health. The infection paired with gum recession can affect bone health and cause tooth loss.

Gum Disease Treatment

The first line of defense against gum disease is practicing thorough oral hygiene, which should include daily flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Routine checkups are important for detecting gum disease early on while professional dental cleanings can help prevent tartar buildup. If gum disease has progressed, your dentist will likely refer you to a periodontist for further treatment.

Our skilled team of periodontists utilizes the latest technologies and methods to combat gum disease, including laser-assisted therapy that removes infected tissue and cleans away tartar deposits below the gum line. This procedure, called LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure), addresses gum disease without the need for scalpels and sutures. A thin laser fiber accesses the inner regions of the gums to remove tartar and infected tissues. The laser instantly seals tissue, thus reducing recovery time and improving patient comfort.

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