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Dental Implants: Will I need a bone graft?

August 16, 2012

By: Dr. Colin Richman

For success, the dental implant procedure requires strategic planning and preparation. Long-term implant success is dependent upon the health of the bone surrounding the implant post.

Most dental implants are titanium posts that simulate a real tooth root. As the body heals following the placement of the implant, the jaw bone must become integrated with the surface of the post before the new tooth can support the forces of biting and chewing.

Prior to placing your implant, Dr. Richman, your Roswell periodontists, will need to determine if the proposed location is healthy enough to promote proper healing. There must be an adequate depth of bone to support the implant, and there must be enough space between the teeth to allow for the crown that will go on top of the implant. Without adequate bone quality and quantity, the appropriate healing cannot take place.

By identifying an implant site that is lacking sufficient bone, our periodontists can enhance the procedure by augmenting the area with additional bone. The procedure, known as a bone graft, enables your specialist to place new bone wherever the existing bone is inadequate.

When an implant has been planned for the replacement of an upper tooth, the sinuses may be too low. A sinus graft is a special bone grafting procedure that is used to create a more ideal implant site. This may sound unusual, but sinus grafting has actually become quite routine. Dr. Richman has performed this procedure hundreds of times with great success.

Without a professional clinical evaluation, complete with x-ray imaging, it is impossible to determine if a bone graft will be right for you. Dr. Richman has a dental CAT scan on premises which allows for precise 3D planning. Whether you are in need of a single tooth or multiple teeth, we have the expertise to plan and perform the procedures that meet your needs.

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