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Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?

June 4, 2012

By: Dr. Colin Richman

As a solution for missing teeth, the vote of approval for dental implants is overwhelmingly favorable. Both patients and clinicians agree that implants are the tooth replacement alternative most similar to natural teeth in both form and function.

When you consider the alternatives, you’ll find that implants are an easy choice. Still, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. You will need to undergo a surgical procedure, and you’ll want to fully understand your responsibilities in protecting this investment in your health. When managed properly, you can expect to enjoy daily satisfaction and long-term success from your dental implants.

Much of the excitement surrounding dental implants can be explained by the undeniable advantages of implant dentistry. Implants are made from titanium, a material that is highly compatible with the human body and promote a permanent fusion with the surrounding bone. This integration enables the implant to lock into the bone so that it can stand independently without the need to grind down the adjacent teeth as required for a bridge. Titanium is also corrosion-proof, cavity-proof, and rarely rejected by the body.

Even with the implant’s inherent strength and stability, your prosthetic teeth are still vulnerable to failure under certain circumstances. When exposed to extreme occlusal or biting forces, implants can fail from overload. In fact, an uneven or excessively forceful bite is considered to be the greatest cause of implant failure during the first year.

Years after your implant has been placed, they can be severely compromised by periodontal disease. Known as peri-implantitis, the gradual loosening of the gums and deterioration of the bone can cause infections and the loss of the implant.

To properly care for your implant, you’ll need to practice excellent homecare. Your periodontist will show you how to clean around your implants and encourage your restorative dentist to design the crowns with enough room for proper home care.

You will also be advised to adopt a regular recall schedule that alternates your visits between your periodontist (an expert at detecting early peri-implantitis and treating the problem before it is too late) and your restorative dentist (an expert at detecting bite overload or the loosening of implant components). Avoid skipping these important appointments since your professional cleanings are much more effective when performed before tartar begins to accumulate.

We encourage you to schedule your implant consultation today to discuss how to best care for your dental implants. Contact the Roswell Georgia office of Dr. Colin Richman to schedule your visit.

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