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How Dental Implants Can Reduce Long-Term Dental Costs

June 28, 2012

By: Dr. Colin Richman

Dental implants are a popular and natural-looking way to replace missing teeth. Compared to traditional dentures, they are more convenient, more attractive and even less expensive in the long run.

Maintaining Dental Implants

After the initial placement procedure and subsequent healing, implants are easy to care for. They can be brushed just like your natural teeth to prevent build-up of plaque and tartar. Although they cannot decay, brushing is still important to prevent decay of your remaining teeth and to help your gums stay healthy.

You should also be careful to prevent chipping. Hard substances such as ice, metal or plastic can chip your natural teeth and can also chip implants. Dental implants can also be damaged or broken due to trauma. With proper care, you can keep your new smile beautiful for many years to come.

Implants vs. Dentures

By contrast, dentures require additional maintenance beyond keeping them clean and stain-free. They must be removed for proper cleaning, which involves using special cleaning solutions or special toothpaste. Without regular cleaning, bacteria and plaque can build up in the mouth, leading to decay of your remaining teeth, severe gum disease, and serious halitosis. If you have concerns about how to clean your gums as well as your implants, our periodontist can provide guidelines for proper care.

Occasionally, dentures need to be refitted and adjusted to remain comfortably in place in your mouth. Over a period of several years, this process can add up to become fairly expensive. Many people are now choosing implants over dentures because of the great advantages implants offer.

If you would like to know more about the cost advantages of dental implants, please contact our periodontist, serving Alpharetta GA and neighboring areas, today to schedule a consultation.

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