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Gingivitis is a very common type of gum disease affecting over three million people every year in U.S. alone. It causes redness, irritation, and swelling of your gums. In more serious cases, it could eventually lead to tooth loss. It is a result of bacteria building up on your gums causing them to bleed when
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Have you lost a tooth or multiple teeth through tooth decay, gum disease, or some other cause? If so, you might be wondering just what a dentist can do to help someone in your type of situation. At Dr. Colin Richman & Dr. Andrea Abelman in Roswell, we can provide dental implants, which are a long-term
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Welcome to our new website! This is where you will find our latest news updates, educational tips, and promotional information for our dental practice in Roswell, GA. We are proud to offer a vast array of different dental services to meet the needs of our patients. People choose us because our dedicated staff is one of
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April 11, 2015 By: Dr. Colin Richman Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of gum recession. The underlying root of the tooth is exposed, and this structure is much more sensitive to factors like temperature changes than the tooth’s crown. Fortunately, patients who develop tooth sensitivity after their gums recede may be able to
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March 6, 2015 By: Dr. Colin Richman & Dr. Andrea Abelman Oral biologist Daniel H. Fine and his team at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine have tracked more than 2,500 Newark children since 2007 to chart the progression of a rare form of gum disease that afflicts African-American adolescents. The disease, called “localized aggressive periodontitis,”
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Signs and Symptoms of Advanced Dental Disease Including Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Chronic disease anywhere in the body is insidious, thus advanced symptoms may only appear late after significant damage has occurred.

Warning signs of periodontal (gum) disease include:

- Redness, tenderness, pain, swollen gums
- Bleeding while brushing, flossing or biting into an apple
- Insufficient long term flossing over a lifetime
- Receding gums, frequently described ‘getting long in the tooth’
- Teeth moving or shifting
- Loose teeth
- Appliances no longer fit comfortably
- Previous history of tooth loss including parents
- History of smoking, diabetes or other metabolic diseases