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A crown is a type of dental restoration that covers, or caps, the natural tooth above the gum line. They are typically used in instances of cracking, chipping, discoloration, and tooth decay. Permanent crowns are usually made from porcelain, ceramic, or metals such as gold or alloys. Once in place, the cap becomes a permanent
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Looking for Botox in Buckhead, or even Sandy Springs and Brookhaven? Here at Chastain Dental in Buckhead, we’re excited to offer Botox treatments for our patients! Now the dentist you trust with your dental health is able to offer more cosmetic services. Why Should I get Botox from My Dentist? Let’s answer this question by
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Whitening your teeth is a simple dental procedure that can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. Teeth whitening is a fast and affordable way to look more polished, more attractive and even look younger and brighter! Removing surface stains and whitening teeth has been shown to take years off the face and overall appearance.
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Few people look forward to the dental chair, but for some, that apprehension can turn in to full blown dental anxiety.  This fear can stem from many things,such as the sound of the equipment, smell of the office, and anticipation of the treatment. Whatever the reason for dental anxiety, this fear causes many Americans to
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Whether you want subtle or extreme changes, our team at Dr. Colin Richman Dentistry can enhance your smile in a variety of ways through cosmetic dentistry. Through cosmetic dentistry, your teeth can be re-shaped, brightened, bonded and more. Dr. Richman uses a wide range of tools to perform a variety of procedures. The following is
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Signs and Symptoms of Advanced Dental Disease Including Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Chronic disease anywhere in the body is insidious, thus advanced symptoms may only appear late after significant damage has occurred.

Warning signs of periodontal (gum) disease include:

- Redness, tenderness, pain, swollen gums
- Bleeding while brushing, flossing or biting into an apple
- Insufficient long term flossing over a lifetime
- Receding gums, frequently described ‘getting long in the tooth’
- Teeth moving or shifting
- Loose teeth
- Appliances no longer fit comfortably
- Previous history of tooth loss including parents
- History of smoking, diabetes or other metabolic diseases