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Additional Resources

Maintenance Care for Treated Periodontitis Patients
Women and Periodontal Disease
American Academy of Periodontics Comprehensive Care Statement
Bisphosphonates and Dentistry
Diabetes and Dentistry
NYT Reprint Periodontal Disease
Recession, Frenectomy
Recession, Ongoing
Smoking and Periodontal Disease
Tongue Stud
Miscellaneous Periodontal Information: including the periodontal impact on systemic health
Is Gingival Recession a Consequence of an Orthodontic Tooth Size and/or Tooth Position Discrepancy? “A Paradigm Shift”

Cosmetic Periodontics
Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Laser Periodontics
Interview with LANAP developer (video)
Additional LANAP information (video)

Dental Implants

Patient Information
Dental Implants – Basic Concepts
Dental Implants Video Presentation
Bisphosphonates and Dentistry
Implant Information Miscellaneous Facts
Implant Information Miscellaneous Facts 2
Implant Information Miscellaneous Facts 3
Implants and Esthetics

SFOT – Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy

Indications for Periodontally Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment
Full Mouth: 5 months (Patient A)
Full Mouth: 5 months (Patient B)
Supporting Literature

National Institutes of Health Patient Information

Burning Mouth Syndrome
Diabetes: Problem Prevention
Diabetes: Dental Tips
Disabilites: Autism and Oral Care
Disabilites: Cerebral Palsy and Oral Care
Disabilities: Developmental Disabilites and Oral Care
Disabilites: Down Syndrome and Oral Care
Disabilites: Intellectual Limitations and Oral Care
Disabilities: Special Needs Children
Disabilities: Wheelchair and Oral Care
Dry Mouth
Kids Health – Babies
Kids Health – Sealants
Oncology: 3 Good Reasons to see a Dentist BEFORE Cancer Treatment
Oncology: African American Men Examination
Oncology: African American Men Oral Cancer Fact Sheet
Oncology: African American Men Oral Cancer Statistics
Oncology: Chemotherapy and Your Mouth
Oncology: Complications of Cancer Treatment
Oncology: Head-Neck Radiation Treatment and Your Mouth
Oncology: Oral Cancer
Oncology: Oral Cancer Examination
Oncology: Pocket Guide
Oncology: What You Need to Know
Organ Transplant: Patient Information
Periodontal Disease – Brochure
Periodontal Disease – Fact Sheet
Smokeless Tobacco
TMJ Disorders

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